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Carol Anne Strange

I’m a weaver of words, ideas and possibilities. I write stories, magazine features, books, and courses. When I'm not writing, you'll probably find me magic-making or creating with The Imaginists.My writer’s journey started some 35+ years ago, and my words have been widely published in a variety of formats.Over the years, I’ve written for a diverse range of magazines and publishers (see Freelance Writing Services) on a wide range of topics including lifestyle, holistic health, well-being, travel and creativity, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing many wonderful people along the way.I’ve authored books and courses as well as ghostwriting bestselling self-development publications for entrepreneurs and change-makers.After achieving my MA Professional Writing at Falmouth University in 2011, my creative writing began to flourish and take precedence.Light Weaver, my debut novel, was published in 2012 to high acclaim by its readers. Since then, I’ve published collections such as The Alchemy of Night and various pocket books.These days, apart from taking on a selection of writing commissions, I work on my own projects, provide mentoring for writers, and spend time creating with The Imaginists.If I can be of service in any way, please contact me.

Books by Carol Anne Strange

A Kind of Magic

Pocket book nostalgia...

The author looks back to a childhood of bluer than blue skies, endless sunshine, and honeysuckle and roses growing profusely in the cottage gardens, and to her friendship with ‘Ma Higham who shared a love of the natural realms...Order from: https://lightvinepress.com/#kind-of-magic

Beneath a Wishing Moon

Pocket Book Fiction...

One of the author’s most well-loved short stories, Beneath a Wishing Moon contemplates life around the salt-licked pavements of a seaside town under the heady influence of a powerful full moon. Includes illustrations by the author.Order from: https://lightvinepress.com/#wishing-moon

The Alchemy of Night

A collection of writing and illustrations inspired by the hours of darkness...

Limited Edition of 500.£7.00 | 36 Pages Printed Booklet | £1.50 UK Postage.In this collection, Carol Anne Strange celebrates the night in the way of stories, poems, personal insights, ideas and illustrations. It's an invitation to contemplate the evening's mood while sat cosy in your favourite chair or around a camp-fire beneath a sky full of sparkly diamonds. It's for those who seek the secret wisdom that is present in the dark. You see, there is magic there - pure alchemy - that is both beautiful and extraordinary...Order from: https://lightvinepress.com/#alchemy-of-night

Light Weaver

The debut novel by Carol Anne Strange is a story set in the English Lake District where everyday life collides with otherworldly happenings…Light Weaver can be ordered from all good bookshops and from public libraries using the ISBN-13: 978-1899561049It’s also available to order online from:
Books Please
Book Depository
Click here to find out more.

Courses with Carol Anne Strange

Write a story up to 2,000 words and have it appraised, edited, formatted and published into a beautiful pocket book.To register your interest in this course, please use the form to Contact me.

Enchanted Earth

Enchanted Earth is a self-paced course – a journey, which encourages you to step into the natural realms on a regular basis and make space for yourself to embrace mindful presence, inner peace, greater clarity, gentle self-care, and a deep sense of connection with nature and your true self.Start Today! Click here to purchase the course

Light Weaver

A novel by Carol Anne Strange

‘Incredibly well written, with powerful prose and stunningly well observed characterization, Light Weaver is a delight to read from beginning to end, a captivating page turner that I would highly recommend to anyone.‘
- Reader Review

Strange and inexplicable things are happening in the Lakeland fells…
light orbs dance over mossy crags, symbols miraculously appear in grassy lowlands, and Cali Silverthorn keeps disappearing into other worlds.
Mobile librarian, Tom Philips, is captivated by free-spirited Cali but is struggling to make sense of her remarkable abilities and the escalating strangeness impacting ordinary rural life.As beliefs are challenged, Tom and Cali’s love becomes the only constant in a questionable reality as they face the heart-breaking realization that Cali may soon disappear for good.

Light Weaver, the debut novel by Carol Anne Strange, is a story set in the English Lake District where everyday life collides with otherworldly happenings.

Light Weaver can be ordered from all good bookshops and from public libraries using the ISBN-13: 978-1899561049The book is also available from:
Books Please
Book Depository
Amazon UK

Reader Reviews...

‘A lovely, lyrical love story …The love of nature and the earth are so poetically drawn.’‘Enter a world of possibilities … It’s a chocolate bar of a book, one that’s savoured in bite-sized chunks of indulgence.’‘A beautiful sense of place … It’s set in the English Lake District and the descriptions of the landscape are beautifully expressed. The language used is exquisite …’‘Light Weaver spins a tale beyond Strange…This book is overflowing with strange happenings and mind stretching concepts… Light Weaver soon develops into a real page turner!’‘A magical journey! Carol Anne Strange created a fascinating story about the possibilities of other dimensions, dual universes and timeless healing.’‘Strange sets the bar high from the outset with a surprising introduction that begs the question – how will this pan out? Nothing is certain – apart from the fact that you’re in for a riveting, sumptuous read. And when the story’s done, there are a few other surprises waiting for the reader who’s invested in the author’s marvellously constructed world, borne from reality and fiction.’‘…if you are a fan of Sarah Addison Allen’s whimsical stories, you may really like Light Weaver. I think Carol Anne Strange’s story is a bit more “out there” than her’s though.’

The Author

‘I have an insatiable curiosity about other realms and dimensions but my stories are often about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Inspired by nature, love, transience and the mysteries of life, my aim is to captivate and entertain my readers through the sometimes philosophical, occasionally profound, and infinitely imaginative landscape of words. My wish is to take you, the reader, on an extraordinary journey and leave you with a sense of knowing that anything is possible.’Carol Anne Strange

If you have a tale that you’re yearning to write and have a dream of becoming a published author, this course is for you…

Write and Publish your Beautiful Story is a special one-to-one bespoke course where you’ll receive guidance to craft up to 2,000 of your finest words and have your story edited, formatted and made ready for publication as your very own little pocket book.

This course is for you if…# You have a story you’d like to write and have published. Your proposed pocket book might feature your inspiring tales, anecdotes, short fiction, poetry, memories, family ancestry, travel tales, nature notes, personal achievements, recipes, insights – anything up to 2,000 words.# You’d like guidance and writing feedback to craft your finest words.# You want your story edited, formatted and presented into digital and print-ready PDFs ready to be published as a pocket book.# You’re writing for your own record and satisfaction and/or you’d like to share your story with family, friends or a wider readership.# Your higher-self is speaking to you and encouraging you to write something beautiful for posterity.

This bespoke course includes:+ The Write Your Beautiful Story Project Planner in a Word document to help you outline, plan and draft your story.+ An appraisal of your writing (up to a maximum of 2,000 words), which provides detailed feedback and suggestions for edits to ensure that you craft your finest words ready for publication.+ Your completed story will be formatted (along with any of your own photos / illustrations where required) and prepared as an A6 size Pocket Book complete with an attractive cover.+ Receive the finished digital and print-quality files of your pocket book ready for publication. You will also receive guidance on how to get your pocket book printed at your own cost and convenience using a recommended small press printer.How it works…The course is conducted by email correspondence and all course materials and feedback are provided in a Word Document or PDF.In the first instance, Contact me to briefly describe your proposed story and discuss options and start date.2. After signing up for the course and making your payment, you’ll receive the Project Planner by email.3. You will then have the task of writing the first draft of your story project up to a total of 2,000 words (depending upon pre-agreed number of images, where relevant, that you’d like to appear in your pocket book).4. After receipt of your completed draft, you’ll receive feedback with suggestions for revisions and improvements.5. Once you’ve completed any revisions and improvements, the final draft of your writing (along with any of your own photos or illustrations) will be edited and formatted into a pocket book.6. Once you’ve checked and are happy with the finished proof, you will receive two files of your pocket book – one that is suitable for digital download and a high resolution print-quality PDF ready for publication.7. As the author and publisher, you own the rights to your story and are free to make your pocket book available to family, friends or a wider audience. Suggestions and guidance will be provided on how to arrange printing and how to sell your pocket books.Text

"We are made of stories. Some of these are real and some are imagined, and some have yet to be realised. Many stories flutter away into oblivion or become lost in the mists of time, but there are some tales that simply long to be written, published and shared."

Your course guide

I’m Carol Anne Strange and I’ve been writing and sharing stories for over 35 years. I’ve delivered millions of good words for magazines, publishers, change-makers, businesses and, ultimately, readers in the UK and beyond, and I’m here to help you write and publish tales of your own.It’s truly a joy to facilitate the Write and Publish your Beautiful Story course. As well as having books published traditionally and independently, I’ve written and published a wide range of material over the years. In 2011, I completed an MA Professional Writing with Falmouth University and, shortly after, my debut novel Light Weaver was published. Between mentoring and writing commissions, I’ve been writing and producing limited editions such as The Alchemy of Night and a range of pocket books with Light Vine Press.I particularly like the easily accessible A6 size pocket book format as it’s a way to deliver a short but punchy piece of writing that provides a quick read. They are slim enough to send as a gift with a greetings card and will fit within the most crowded bookshelf, and are such a pleasure to write and produce. It was while publishing my latest pocket book that I came up with the idea to create and facilitate this course to enable anyone, whether they have writing experience or not, to become a published pocket book author. And here we are…Drawing on my knowledge and experience, you can be sure of receiving bespoke guidance and support to help you write and publish a beautiful pocket book of your own… something for posterity that your readers will love. It’s truly a joy to help you accomplish this.

Your questions answered…

Do I have to be a really good writer to become a published pocket book author?
No. It’s more important that you have a good story to share – something that you wish to record in writing for posterity. I’ll help you deliver the words in an engaging and professional way.
What tools do I need to write my story?
We communicate by email so you’ll need access to a computer, email account, MS Word software (or compatible equivalent) and PDF reader.
What size is the pocket book and how many pages will it have?
The pocket book will be A6 in size and, depending upon your project, between 20 to 32 pages.
Is there a limit on the number of words and images I can submit?
For this project, you can submit up to 2,000 words and, where relevant, up to 10 images. The number of words will be reduced if you intend to include more images in the pocket book. This will be discussed at the start of the project.
I’d like my pocket book to feature my art work with an introduction and a few words of description for each page. Will this be okay?
Yes, it’ll be a pleasure to use the course to help you create a beautiful art pocket book.
How quickly can I expect feedback on my writing?
Unless otherwise agreed, your completed writing project (up to 2,000 words) will be appraised and returned to you with feedback within 14 working days of receipt. You’ll then have the opportunity to make changes. Once the revised document is received, the content will be edited and formatted into a pocket book ready for publication.
Do I have to complete the writing project within a certain date?
Unless otherwise agreed, you have up to 2 months to write your story and complete the final draft. Depending upon commitments, it’s possible to have the work completed and print-ready within one month.
Do you edit and check my submitted writing?
In the appraisal of your story, any weaknesses or typos will be highlighted and suggestions will be provided for changes. Once you’ve applied changes, the story will be edited and formatted ready for publication.
Can I sell my completed pocket book?
As author and publisher, the finished pocket book is 100% yours. You are free to sell or gift the pocket book to your friends, family or wider readership.
What if my planned writing project is more than 2,000 words in length?
If you plan to write something that is much more than 2,000 words, please Contact me in the first instance to discuss availability, costs and options.
How do I get my pocket book printed?
You’ll receive suggestions for small press printing services. You are free to choose your own printer and might wish to make enquiries with a local printing service. Please be aware that you are entirely responsible for arranging printing and paying the printer but assistance will be provided to help you get your pocket book published.
How much will it cost to have the pocket books printed?
Cost depends upon factors such as chosen paper-stock and page count, but a typical pocket book between 20 and 32 pages using one of the recommended printers will cost around £40 for 50 copies, which includes special delivery.
Do I have full ownership of my writing and the pocket book?
Yes, absolutely. You can be assured that your story is yours. No one else takes any credit or claims copyright in your writing.
If I change my mind, can I have a refund?
Once you pay for the course, you are committed. There are no refunds if you change your mind once enrolled or if you don’t complete the project. Please make sure that you wish to commit to writing and publishing your story before you make payment for the service provided.
What payment options are available?
You have the option to pay in full or to pay by two instalments. Payment can be made securely via Paypal.
Can I pay for the service by bank transfer?
Yes, please email me to arrange.
Can I take the course again when I’m ready to write my next story?
Yes. It will be a pleasure to be of service and help you publish your next pocket book.
I have a question about the service that isn’t answered here…
Send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

Are you ready to begin?

I’m currently available to offer this course and service to a small number of people who have a beautiful story that they wish to write and have published in pocket book format.In the first instance, Contact me to briefly describe your project and discuss options and start date.The Write and Publish your Beautiful Story course is currently £149. The price includes the Project Planner, up to 2,000 words story appraisal, editing, formatting, cover design, delivery of the digital and print-ready PDF pocket book files, and guidance to help you publish and sell your pocket book.

Click on the following link to make payment securely through PayPal.
Pay £149
OR…Two Instalments Option
Pay £79 now followed by £79 next month
(Total payable for the instalment option: £158. Payments are set-up to take the first payment of £79 now and an automatically recurring payment of £79 the following month.)By making payment, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of service as detailed below. Once you’ve made payment, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to confirm your place. You’ll also receive the Project Planner. If you don’t receive the email (and it isn’t in your email spam/junk folder), please contact me.I look forward to helping you write and publish your beautiful story.

Terms & Conditions of ServicePlease note that once you’ve made payment and are committed to starting the project, you accept the following terms:# As the writer and publisher of your story, you are fully responsible for the content in its entirety, including, and not limited to, content accuracy, checking of final proof, copyright, permissions, libel, printing and publishing, marketing and any other associated matter.# Unless agreed in advance, you have up to 2 months to complete your story and provide all the content (words and images) for editing and formatting.# It is your responsibility to check the proof of the pocket book, and you’ll have one opportunity to ask for revisions or changes.# Once your pocket book is completed and approved, you’ll receive two final PDFs by email – one a digital copy suitable for downloads and one a print-ready copy.# You are responsible for arranging and paying for the printing of your pocket books and for marketing and sales. Guidance and suggestions will be provided.# Carol and her team will do their best to provide a high standard of work to the best of their abilities. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the final draft of the pocket book, you have an opportunity to request changes before publication.# Should you decide to make significant changes to a story project that has already been appraised, edited or formatted, you may be charged a further fee for any additional work that is required.# Once you pay for the service, you are committed. There are no refunds if you change your mind once enrolled or if you don’t complete the project. Please make sure that you wish to commit to writing and publishing your story before you make payment for the service provided.If you have any questions or need further clarification about the service terms, please Contact meThank you.

Freelance Writing Services

+ Established 1985. UK based. Widely published in print and online publications.
+ Offers freelance writing and content creation services (including photography and image sourcing).
+ Specialising in lifestyle, holistic well-being, creativity, UK travel, and interview features.
+ Loves being of service and especially providing content for conscious change-makers and independent ventures.
+ MA Professional Writing with Falmouth University.
+ Byline has appeared in many print magazines in the UK, USA, Australia and Oman.

I’m Carol Anne Strange and I accepted my first writing commission over 35 years ago and, since then, I’ve delivered millions of good words for magazines, publishers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, businesses and, ultimately, readers in the UK and beyond.My features have been published in the award-winning Breathe magazine as well as Teen Breathe, Derbyshire Life, Sussex Life, Furniture & Cabinetmaking, Coast, and Lancashire Life to name a few. I’ve written about holistic health, roundhouses, shepherd huts, reverse bucket lists, second chances, repair shops, flower essences, remote working, commonplace books, kindness, megaliths, evening rituals, and so much more.Over the years, I have also provided content services for business clients including many successful entrepreneurs and conscious change-makers. Some of my ghostwritten material, such as self-development books and courses, went on to become best-sellers while attracting a larger audience for the client’s work. It’s always a joy and a privilege to be of service and to co-create alongside people who are making a difference.From producing content for business owners, publishers and magazines to writing my own books, courses, newsletters and fiction, I love to inspire readers through the power of words.

I can provide a range of quality content to include:+ Magazine features and articles.+ Blog posts – ghostwritten so that you take credit for the writing and use the content in any way you wish.+ SEO optimised website copy.+ Guides and e-books – ghostwritten so that you can put your name on the cover.+ Scripts for podcasts and video.+ Image sourcing – I can find you suitable photography with copyright permissions.Additional services are available such as research, copy-checking, basic editing, and adding content to self-hosted WordPress websites. If there is something else you need, just ask. If I can’t do it, I know people who can help.To discuss your requirements without obligation, please email: castrange@protonmail.com or use the Contact Form.You’ll find that my rates are fair whether you commission me for one-off content or on an on-going basis.

Some Testimonials...It’s always a joy working with publishers and people who are making a difference in the world. Here are just some of the lovely comments I’ve received…‘Working with Carol Anne is a smooth process filled with ease and expertise. Carol Anne is wise, punctual and a genius at tidying things up. It’s like having a safe and solid hand on your back. It’s always pure joy to work with her and saves many hours of going back and forth in solitude.’ – Christine Eilvig Spiritual Mentor‘Carol is one of the most reliable writers I’ve ever worked with. She consistently delivers on-time, she uses her initiative to blossom even the weakest of concepts, and her work is absolutely first class.’ – Karl Moore, Author and EntrepreneurThank you very much for your articles, which were brilliant and exactly what we were looking for. Your health article was incredibly successful – the second most read article in July!’- Daisy Henderson, Editor'We have really appreciated all your work and efforts. You truly have been one of our most trustworthy, punctual and quality authors.’ – Jack Hall, Editor'Your article `Meditate for Success’ was published in four ezines and received good feedback from the editors. It also brought lots of traffic to the site.’ -Lynx MediaA selection of my published feature writing is available upon request.

If you have any questions or have a writing opportunity that you think I’ll love, please email: castrange@protonmail.com or use the ContactForm to get in touch.


If you have a question or a project that you think I’ll love, use the contact form below or email:castrange@protonmail.comIt might take a few days for a response, but I’ll reply as soon as possible.Thank you. ♡

“Embrace the moment. It’s where all things begin and end.”
– Carol Anne Strange

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