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Do you need support with your writing goals or perhaps some feedback on a story, article, blog post, newsletter or an extract from a memoir, novel or non-fiction book?

Writer’s Gold Writing Academy can help you to…


¤ Write your memoir, stories, articles, guides, novels or non-fiction books.

¤ Strengthen your power of imagination. Find and develop your ideas.

¤ Gain feedback and clarity on a piece of writing or work-in-progress.

¤ Discover your writer’s voice, and become a prolific writer.

¤ Polish your writing projects ready for publication.

¤ Write for pleasure, publication, profit, self-expression and/or personal healing.

Support, Guidance, Feedback and Encouragement…

Writing is a solitary pursuit. Unless you are extremely well-motivated and self-assured, staying focused on your ambitions can be a challenge. If you’re new to writing, knowing how and where to start can seem daunting. Further along your writing journey, when faced with deadlines, rejections, writer’s block or uncertainty, it’s easy to become deflated under the pressure and lose your direction. So imagine how much easier the writing journey would be with an experienced writer and writing coach in your corner to provide manuscript appraisal, support, encouragement and guidance along the way…

Carol Anne Strange

I’m Carol Anne Strange and I’m here to assist you on your writing journey. I have over 35 years’ experience of writing professionally and living creatively. My writing has appeared in print and digital media worldwide and I’m a published author, novelist, and bestselling ghostwriter.

As a Writing Coach, with an MA in Professional Writing and previous experience as a tutor for the Writers Bureau, I provide support to writers seeking guidance, manuscript appraisal and publication. My aim is to provide valuable insights, useful feedback, inspiration, and gentle encouragement to help you achieve your writing goals.

Possible Outcomes

The writing journey is unique to you, but my coaching sessions and manuscript appraisal services can typically help you with any of the following…

– Motivation to start and complete a writing project (stories, articles, novels, non-fiction books, memoirs, etc).
– Develop and improve your writing skills, imagination and creativity.
– Gain feedback and clarity on a piece of writing or work-in-progress.
– Create writing that has potential for publication.
– Overcome writer’s block, and feel more motivated, confident and inspired.
– Become a professional and published writer.
– Learn more about writing for publication and the publishing process.
– Write your memoir or family history to share with family and friends.
– Write for personal pleasure, self-expression or for healing and transformation.

Writer’s Gold Writing Academy Services


Book a series of coaching sessions for ongoing writing guidance, support and motivation. This option is ideal for new writers or those who are embarking on a major piece of work (such as writing a book, novel or course). Your coaching sessions takes place via email to suit your specific requirements and schedule.

How it works…

* We have an initial discussion about what you wish to achieve with your writing and coaching sessions.

* Each session is bespoke, but typically involves you receiving feedback on a pre-agreed writing assignment or your work-in-progress (submit up to 2,000 words per session).

* Apart from my feedback, I will answer questions and provide writing guidance, inspiration, resources, and motivational support.

* The rate is £35 per session with a minimum booking of 3 sessions paid for in advance.

Manuscript Appraisal

If you are looking for some feedback and clarity on a piece of writing or work-in-progress, book a manuscript appraisal.

How it works…

* Email a piece of writing up to 2,000 words (such as an article, story, blog post, newsletter or an extract of a memoir, novel or non-fiction book).

* When you submit your manuscript, let me know whether you have a specific goal, market or publisher in mind.

* After reading your piece of writing, I will provide honest feedback and helpful suggestions on content, style and, where relevant, market suitability.

* The rate is £35 for an appraisal of up to 2,000 words.

“When you decide to invest in your writing and creativity, you’re investing in a journey that’s filled with possibilities for you to bloom and thrive.”

Your Questions Answered…

What is your role as a writing coach?

My role is to offer guidance, encouragement, ideas and support to help you achieve your writing goals. Some of my writing clients regard me as a guide, motivator, facilitator, and even ‘angel in your corner’. Drawing on my 35+ years’ experience in the writing, creative and publishing industries, I’m here to assist you on your writer’s journey.

Manuscript Appraisal or Coaching Sessions… which should I choose?

If you are starting out as a writer or are working on a major project such as a book, course or memoir or just prefer having support over a longer period of time, you’ll find booking a series of coaching sessions beneficial for ongoing support. A minimum booking of 3 sessions paid in advance is required. A generous discount is provided for block bookings of eight or more sessions. Most writers focus on one session per month, but it’s all about finding out what works for you.

If you just need some feedback and clarity on a single piece of writing up to 2,000 words (or more by arrangement) such as an article, story, blog post, newsletter or an extract of a memoir, novel or non-fiction book, the Manuscript Appraisal Service is probably the best option. Simply pay the fee, submit your work, and you’ll receive feedback normally within seven days.

How many coaching sessions do I need?

There’s a minimum booking requirement of three sessions. After that, it’s entirely up to you and depends upon what assistance you require. Some writers have ongoing support over several months or a year to help them stay motivated and on target with their writing goals. Some book a series of sessions in quick succession.  If you’re not sure how many sessions or what services you need, email me to discuss your requirements.

What are the advantages of receiving coaching or manuscript appraisal by email?

* Work at your own pace wherever you are and when it suits you.
* You can save and refer to feedback and notes at any time.
* It’s a convenient and affordable way of receiving bespoke guidance and support.

What is the cost of a coaching session, and what does it include?

Each session costs £35. Initially, you’ll book and pay for three sessions. After that, you can book as many sessions as and when you need.  Each session offers feedback on up to 2,000 words of a piece of writing or work-in-progress. I will offer guidance on content, style, structure and market suitability as well as answer a few questions per session and provide additional resources where relevant.

What is the cost of Manuscript Appraisal, and what does it include?

A manuscript appraisal costs £35 for up to 2,000 words of an article, story or extract from a memoir, novel or non-fiction book. I will read, review and provide feedback on the content, style and market suitability. I will highlight any ‘weak’ areas that can be improved.

How do I pay?

For card payments, you can use Paypal or Stripe. You can also pay by direct bank transfer. Payment instructions are provided if you choose to go ahead after an initial discussion and payment is required upon booking.

How quickly can I expect to receive feedback?

A reply and feedback on submitted writing is provided within seven days unless otherwise advised.

Do you edit and proofread my submitted writing?

In the course of providing feedback, I offer suggestions for edits and will also highlight any weaknesses or typos that I spot for you to make corrections. If you are planning to self-publish a book, I always advise that you work with an experienced editor or proofreader upon completion of your project.

Will you help me achieve publication?

If being published is your goal, I will do my best to assist you. Obviously, I can not promise that you’ll achieve publication or be paid for your writing, but I will help you to improve your skills and provide you with the tools and knowledge so that you have the best possible chance of success.

Is there anything that you don’t do as a writing coach?

I don’t do the writing for you and I don’t take over your project. And I certainly don’t take any credit or claim copyright in your work. I’m simply here to guide and support you in your writing journey, and to help you improve your skills and develop your writer’s voice.

Can I submit more than 2,000 words for Manuscript Appraisal?

Yes, but it will obviously cost more to do so. Email me to discuss rates.

Is there a discount for a block-booking of coaching sessions?

Yes. If you are looking to pay for eight or more sessions in advance, I can provide a generous discount. Contact me to discuss.

When can I start?

I only coach a small number of writers at any one time, so email me in the first instance to check current availability and to have a chat about your writing goals.

Are you ready to begin?

Contact me for a free initial consultation by email about your writing and coaching goals. If you’d like a Manuscript Appraisal, email me to book. I look forward to supporting you on your writer’s journey.


* Inspiration * Motivation * Feedback * Insights * Encouragement * Support

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