Write Your Beautiful Story

Write Your Beautiful Story

Do you have a story that you wish to share?

Would you like to write about a magical experience, tales from the heart or soulful messages of insight and wisdom?

Maybe you’d like to put together an inspirational booklet of personal anecdotes and tales to share with your family, friends or a wider audience.

Or perhaps you’d like to publish an interesting ‘zine’ or an artist’s pamphlet / catalogue showcasing your art.

If so, I invite you to Write Your Beautiful Story, and I will help you craft your finest words and prepare your booklet ready to publish.


Receive guidance, writing appraisal and have your completed story edited and formatted into a booklet (zine/pamphlet) ready for publication.

This bespoke service includes:

+ The Write Your Beautiful Story guide – a 40 page downloadable PDF book, which includes insights, tips and guidance about how to convey your words in a way that will resonate with your readers.

+ A Publishing Planner – (a Word document) to help you outline, plan and draft your story booklet project.

+ An appraisal of your writing (up to 8,000 words), which provides detailed feedback to help you revise and craft your best words ready for publication.

+ Your completed writing project will be edited and formatted (along with your own photos / illustrations where required) into an A5 PDF booklet.

+ Choice of cover design for your booklet from a range of templates.

+ Receive digital and print-ready versions of your booklet in PDF, which you can make available as a digital download or arrange to be printed to share with family, friends and readers far and wide.

Is this service for you?

YES if you have a story you’d like to write based on your life experiences.

YES if you’d like to put together a booklet of inspiring messages, affirmations, anecdotes and short tales.

YES if you wish to write creatively and publish a booklet of short stories.

YES if want to write an interesting zine or a booklet about an inspirational service you provide.

YES if you’re an artist who would like to showcase your art and artist’s life in a catalogue / pamphlet.

YES if you need writing feedback and would like your booklet formatted ready for publication.

YES if you’d like to share your story with family, friends and / or a wider readership.

YES if your higher self is speaking to you and encouraging you to write something beautiful.

How it works…

1. Email in the first instance to briefly describe your writing project and goals. If your project resonates and I feel that I can offer support, we’ll set a start date.

2. After receipt of your payment, you’ll receive by email the Write Your Beautiful Story guide and the Publishing Planner. Your first task will be to read the guide and complete the planner.

3. You will then have the task of writing the first draft of your story project up to a total of 8,000 words and organising any images that you’d like published.

4. After receipt of your completed draft, you’ll receive an appraisal with suggestions for revisions and improvements.

5. Once you have completed any revisions and improvements, the final draft of your writing (along with any of your own photos or illustrations) will be edited and formatted into a booklet.

6. You’ll choose a cover design from the templates available. (For an additional cost, there is an option to have a custom designed cover.)

7. Once you’ve checked and are happy with the finished proof, you’ll receive two files of your completed booklet – one that is suitable for digital download and a high resolution print-ready PDF.

8. You are then free to make your booklet available as a download or arrange to print the booklet at a printers of your choice (recommendations for printers are also provided) so that you can sell / gift copies to family, friends, followers or a wider audience.

Your guide

Carol Anne StrangeI’m Carol Anne Strange and I’ve been writing and sharing stories for over 35 years. I’ve delivered millions of good words for magazines, publishers, change-makers, businesses and, ultimately, readers in the UK and beyond, and I’m now here to help you share your beautiful story.

I have an MA in Professional Writing (Falmouth University) and I’m a writing tutor at The Writers Bureau. As well as having books published traditionally and independently, I’ve also written and shared a range of booklets over the years from limited editions such as The Alchemy of Night to literary reviews and poetry pamphlets. Drawing on my knowledge and experience, you can be sure of receiving quality guidance and support to help you write and format a beautiful story that readers will love.

Special launch offer

This service will normally be £395 but I’m running a limited special launch offer, where you can write your beautiful story for £195. The price includes the full works: the Write Your Beautiful Story PDF guide, Publishing Planner, up to 8,000 words story appraisal, story edits, choice of cover, the formatting of your booklet (and any relevant images), and the delivery of digital and print-ready PDF versions of the A5 booklet.

Your questions answered…

Do I have to be a really good writer?
No. It’s more important that you have a really good story to share. I’ll help you deliver the words in an engaging way.

What tools do I need to write my story?
You’ll need access to a computer, email account, MS Word software (or compatible equivalent), PDF reader, pen, paper and notebook.

Is there a limit on the number of words I can submit?
Yes. For this project, you can submit up to 8,000 words.

How many pages will the booklet have?
Typically, a booklet can be between 16 pages to 60 pages depending upon the amount of words and images you submit.

I’d like my booklet to feature my art work with an introduction and a few words of description for each page. Will this be okay?
Yes, it’ll be a pleasure to create a beautiful art booklet for you to showcase your art.

How quickly can I expect feedback on my writing?
Unless otherwise agreed, your completed writing project (up to 8,000 words) will be appraised and returned to you with feedback within 14 working days of receipt. You’ll then have the opportunity to make changes before the content is finalised and formatted ready for publication.

How long do I have to complete the writing project?
You have up to six months to write your booklet and complete the final draft. Depending upon commitments, it’s possible to have the work completed and ready to be printed within three months.

Do you edit and check my submitted writing?
In the appraisal of your story, I will offer suggestions for edits and will also highlight any weaknesses or typos in the course of providing feedback. Once you’ve made any necessary changes, the story will be edited, checked and formatted ready for publication.

Can I sell my completed booklet?
The finished booklet is yours. You are free to sell or gift your finished booklet to your friends, family, followers or wider readership.

What if my planned writing project is more than 8,000 words in length?
If you plan to write something that is much more than 8,000 words, please email me in the first instance to discuss costs, availability and options.

Do you arrange printing?
No. The service does not include the arrangement or cost of printing. If you want to have print copies of your booklet, you will need to arrange to have it printed at your own cost.

How do I get my story booklet printed?
Once your booklet is complete and print-ready, you’ll receive some suggestions for printing services. You are free to choose your own printer and might wish to make enquiries with a local printing service. Please be aware that you are entirely responsible for arranging printing and paying the printer.

Do I have full ownership of my writing and the booklet?
Yes, absolutely. You can be assured that your story is yours. I don’t take any credit or claim copyright in your writing. I’m simply here to support you in writing your beautiful story and preparing the finished booklet for you, and I do so authentically and with a lot of love.

What is your refund policy?
As you are booking my team’s time and expertise to provide a writing appraisal, editing and formatting service, there are no refunds. Please make sure that you wish to commit to your writing project before you make payment for the service provided.

What payment options are available?
You have the option to pay in full or to pay by three monthly instalments. Payment can be made securely via Paypal.

Can I pay for the service by bank transfer?
Yes, please email me to arrange.

I have a question about the service that isn’t answered here…
Send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

Are you ready to begin?

I’m currently available to offer this service to a small number of people who have a beautiful story to share.

In the first instance, email me at hi@carolannestrange.com to briefly describe your project. If I feel that I can help you write and publish your beautiful story, I will let you know so that you can make payment here…

Make Payment

Click on the following link to make payment securely through PayPal.

Pay the total of £195


Three Instalments Option

Pay £70 each month for 3 months

(Total payable for this option: £210. Payments are set-up to take the first payment of £70 now and an automatically recurring payment of £70 each month for two months.)

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to confirm your place. You’ll also receive the Write Your Beautiful Story guide and Publishing Planner. If you don’t receive the email (and it isn’t in your email spam/junk folder), please email me.

I look forward to helping you write and publish your beautiful story.