The Science of Love

Short Story Collection

The Science of Love by Carol Anne Strange is a forthcoming collection of short stories, observations, and reflections.

From a small town by the English coast to the exotic shores of Zanzibar to the head-spinning vastness of deep space, each story in this collection has its own distinctive mood, focusing on the rhythms of life, weaving between the ordinary and the extraordinary, with love at the core.

The collection spans past, present, and future, exploring love, loss, and longing.

“But what is love? I find it difficult to quantify. Being a scientist, I have attempted to dissect love, unravel this enigma and try to understand its mechanics and intricacies, but the explanation eluded me. Well of course. Love goes beyond sub-atomic particles. It exists but can’t be explained. It is mystifying, tantalising, and, I find, is consuming me in a way that only leads to more questions that can’t be answered. Here I am, tasked with searching for intelligent life out here in the lonely obsidian desert of space – a worthwhile endeavour, yet my search for understanding the impatient and irrational call of my heart is taking me on a new journey that I just know will blow my science apart with the rays of a thousand suns… It seems simple to me now. To love and be loved: what is more?” ~ The Science of Love

The writing aims to be bold, curious, and eclectic, inspired by music, art, mood, and memories, and the book will feature black & white photographic artwork created by the author.

The Science of Love is close to my heart… an inspired set of stories and observations exploring the essence which connects us all. – Carol Anne Strange