The Art of Seeing

A 4 week journey to spark the imagination

Facilitated by Mark Fen of Beautiful Things & Carol Anne Strange

The Art of Seeing

This fun course is for anyone who wishes to see the world anew.

When we discover the art of seeing with focused attention and expanded awareness, we become privy to the magic on multiple dimensional planes. The door to the imagination is blown wide open, and insights and ideas feed into our lives and creative endeavours with greater ease and abundance.

Over the course of four weeks, you’ll discover that there’s more to life than what’s seen on the surface. You’ll realise (with real eyes) that the fabric of reality is constantly shifting and transforming. When looking closer or with a softer gaze, you’ll truly see all kinds of possibilities and a glimpse of the numinous.

In The Art of Seeing, you’ll learn to see the random (or are they?) patterns that form the faces and shapes we see in nature and the world around us. We will explore how we can see in the dark and from different perspectives. And we will learn to see with our eyes closed.

Is this course for you?

This short course is for artists, writers and creators who need some extra inspiration to spark their imagination. It’s for adventurous spirits who are keen to look beyond life’s dusty seams to find hints of the realms beyond. And it’s for magic seekers and those developing their innate psychic powers.

How it works…

Once you sign up, you’ll receive by email:

+ The Art of Seeing guidebook – a downloadable PDF filled with insights, examples and ideas.

+ 4 experiments or tasks (one to complete each week).

+ At the end, an invitation to share a photograph and a 100 word description of something ‘other’ that you’ve seen.

Some of the benefits and outcomes…

+ Unlock and expand your imagination.
+ Gather ideas and insights for your art, writing or other creative project.
+ Develop your psychic abilities.
+ Explore life’s magic with access to an expanded awareness.

What you’ll need:

# Pen, paper, notebook, camera, sketch book – whatever you require to be creative in your own wonderful way.
# Access to quiet space and nature: gardens, woodland, mountains, meadows, forests, seaside or anywhere where you feel there is a hint of magic.
# An open mind and a wish to embrace creative practice and expanded awareness.

Course Fee:


Start Date:

To be confirmed.

Register your Interest…

To register your interest for this course, email and I’ll be in touch as soon as more details are available, and you’ll receive an early bird discount too!