Carol Anne StrangeHi, I’m Carol Anne Strange

I’m a weaver of words, ideas and possibilities. I write stories, publish booklets through Light Vine Press and sometimes create courses with the aim of providing beautiful insights, transformational journeys and engaging experiences that fuel the imagination.

My writer’s journey started in a more conventional way some 35+ years ago, and my words have been widely published in a variety of formats, and enjoyed by readers around the world.

Over the years, I’ve written for a diverse range of magazines and publishers (Freelance Writing) on a diverse range of topics including lifestyle, holistic health, well-being, travel and creativity, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing many wonderful people along the way.

I’ve authored books and courses, as well as ghostwriting bestselling self-development publications for entrepreneurs and change-makers.

After achieving my MA Professional Writing at Falmouth University in 2011, my creative writing began to flourish and take precedence.

Light Weaver, my debut novel, was published in 2012 to high acclaim by its readers. Since then, I’ve published collections such as The Alchemy of Night.

These days, apart from taking on a select number of writing commissions and coaching writers, I write stories, publish booklets and pocket books with Light Vine Press, and help people publish their own tales.

Being creative is such a joy and sharing my gifts is what makes my soul sing. My wish is that you’ll find something in my creations that will resonate with you in a profound way and bring more light into your life.

Carol Anne Strange

“Beneath the thin veils of everyday life, there are secrets in forgotten places, high strangeness in plain sight, beauty in life’s transience and pure weirdness in the moment. There are things we barely innerstand, and always the prospect of ‘what if?’ to tease and tantalize.

Born out of a fascination for the strange and the curious, the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the infinite possibilities open to us, I dive into the great mystery and create to share personal insights, intriguing tales, wholesome practices and magical experiences.

In the sharing of my words, insights and imagery, my wish for you is that you will find the essence of something numinous, enchanting and profound along the way to light up your wondrous star-lit soul. ♡


“Embrace the moment. It’s where all things begin and end.”
– Carol Anne Strange