A Month for All Seasons

February has been full of surprises including a taste of summer during my birthday week as sunshine brought the warmest recorded day-time temperatures for a long time.

The sun was lovely after a winter of predominantly grey skies and rain, but it still seemed very odd and unsettling to be sitting out by the lake and feeling the sun burning my pale skin while many of the trees are still free of their leaves.

The snowdrops are already long gone and the daffodils are blooming early! There are butterflies, bees, and birds caught out by this too-soon show of summer.

The light was lovely though, which made me burst into impromptu song, just like the birds.

To celebrate another notch on my earth-birth milestone, I have been doing more of the things that bring me joy while feeling deep gratitude for the gift of life, the love of my wonderful loved ones, and just being here to share this amazing journey with you all.

The highlights of the month have been spending fun time with family and also a visit to Scotland.

After experiencing those misleading summer-like days, Scotland brought just about all seasons at once. It provided the backdrop for some interesting photography, and travelling through Glencoe was truly atmospheric. It felt other-worldly amidst those mountain gods and goddesses.

I’m now catching up on writing my newsletter (late again, sorry!) and tackling my busy-list (projects and commissions). I’ll be running a free ‘Spring in Photos’ experience in April (more about that soon) although it may actually be full-on summer by then. Who knows?

Have a lovely dance into true spring and remember to make time to do what you love.

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