An Afternoon in the Woods

After a reflective and idea-fused January, my year feels like it’s in motion now with the promise of travel, creativity, new projects, and many magical moments. I’m feeling more energised, aided by the lengthening light at the start and end of each day.

To celebrate this vitality, I visited Seven Acre Wood on February’s first spring-like afternoon, and felt the sun’s warmth sinking deep into the earth.

The official arrival of spring is still several weeks away but the strength of the sun is beginning to stir the soil and the life beneath, and there are hazel catkins and early buds on some of the trees. In a few weeks, everything will look different as nature responds to nature’s rhythms.

And it seems winter hasn’t touched nature in some forgotten places although the wild winds (who keeps turning up the dial on the pesky wind machine?) has brought down the weakest trees. On closer inspection, life is still beating through their exposed thread-bare roots, and life will continue to spring-forth from these for many moons, if left to be.

I love being here where deer roam free, and even the local rumour of a giant wild-cat stalking the village does little to persuade me from visiting this precious place.

Blue Tits and Wrens fill the woods with song. The afternoon light makes my skin tingle in the rising warmth, and my wild soul flies up to the tree tops to be with the gathering crows. Oh, what bliss. I’m forever grateful for afternoons like these.

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