This Season’s Gold

The word weaving continues and the first draft of my new novel is keeping me out of mischief (in this world at least). I close my eyes and all I see are words, words… and more words.

I’ve been taking regular breaks but this rhyme that is time is a bit loopy, to say the least, and here we are in late November.

Despite the preoccupation with writing, nature is ever present, and this beautiful autumn has wended its way into my heart. (Doesn’t it always.)

The atmosphere, the tones, the season’s song (softer now) blows its way towards winter. It is colder now in my writer’s nest, and I’ve taken to wearing extra layers, and dancing about a lot to boost the circulation, but I’m cosy enough.

I have so many photos from these golden months. I’ve already posted a few on my facebook page but I’d like to share some of my favourite ones here to end this post…

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images. I’ve had so much inspiration on my local wanders and travels.

Bright wishes, lovely ones, and thank you for spending time here.

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