Life is But a Dream…

On the summer solstice, on the evening of June 21st, I returned with Fen to one of my favourite spots to wander and dance among the trees while gathering sensory inspiration for writing my new novel.

Such wonderful light appeared as the evening deepened revealing glints of insight – a transcedence – that can so easily be missed in the rush of living.

There is something uncanny in nature, something pure and spirited, and the essence of this simmers within us all.

At this enchanted place, where life as we know it appears to melt away, a memory dances on the breeze, shaking every leaf and branch, until I’m under nature’s spell.

The sun travels on the air and the tones of its song immerses me in the sparks of all that is, casting out silent shadows that remind us we are made of light and dark. This is how it is.

Senses are heightened as something instinctive rises from within. This awareness teases sinews, quickens the pulse.

We keep walking towards that golden light.

So easily, we can step into another realm and, for a moment, become one with the peace of blissful surrender.

The winged woman in the trees lifts up her wing. Can you see her?

Everything merges.

At the close of this longest of days, I remember that life is but a dream, and we are the dream-makers.