Halcyon Days

Several weeks have passed since I moved to my new writer’s nest in this spirited place of lakes and meres.

I’ve slowed down since my arrival and yet seem to have enough time to be and do. I feel embraced by nature and there is a strong sense of having stepped back in (or out of) time. Halcyon days spring to mind. Old fairytale England. A sanctuary for one’s soul.

These enlivened feelings have blossomed by the fact we arrived mid-spring as the swallows returned and have had a surprising run of fine, warm-to-hot sunny days. Could this be the sweetest and sunniest May I’ve ever known? Certainly, in my part of the shire, summer is an early and most welcomed guest. We haven’t experienced a mini heatwave in these parts for many years and the memories of that long grey winter have faded in the heat.

From dawn until dusk and that mysterious place inbetween, nature is resplendent in its procession of colour and the air is vibrant with bird song.

Even more remarkable, my normally pale moon skin is tanning honey gold, and this is something that hasn’t happened in a long, long time.

The weather will change soon enough. It always does. Yet I feel that I’ll still be caught in the spell of this enchanted place, and this makes me happy.

I intend to spend as much time as possible enjoying the glimmering hues of sunshine, immersed in nature’s song, gathering sensory research for my next book and to simply enjoy these long light-filled days. Come the autumn and those darker evenings, I’ll continue the writing process and, all being well, the story will find its way on to the page.