Tales from the Riverbank

Lured by an enticing path just a short stroll away and a secret passage through a thicket, I find myself in a kind of Narnia.

From a bridge over the sluice, I see that way leads to way.

There are private roads flanked by large acres of farmland. Tractors occasionally travel along here kicking up clouds of dust. This expanse of land beneath the blue reminds me of the American mid-west. Soon this landscape will change as various crops emerge from the sun-stirred earth.

Stepping into the light, I’m on the dandelion-gold riverbank. No one else appears to walk here and although the path is richly green and seldom traversed, it’s a good, clean path.

There are herons and swans, and a pair of geese with their young currently sailing on the water.

The walk along the riverbank takes me to 7 acres of private woodlands. I have freedom to roam here to gather inspiration for my writing and, for this, I am filled with gratitude. It’s a magical place. I have yet to see the deer that live here although I’m certain they have already seen me.

At the end of this part of the riverbank, where the sluice meets the river, trees mark the boundary and offer shelter and shade. I can sit here for hours – days, perhaps – and not see a human soul.

I love it here. Having spent my childhood by the gentle curves of another river and exploring the once green pastures of land by my family’s blacksmith’s cottage, being here in the lands of my new writer’s nest immediately takes me back to that time and place before everything changed. This flash of recollection is significant. I feel I am again in a richly-natured place that enriches my soul. I have travelled the years and grown but I am the same essence and, more than ever, I am keenly aware of my soul’s light. Once more, I’m reminded that nature has a way of bringing us to our truth.

Life here answers to the elements, the rise and full of the sun, the moon’s cycles, and it all plays out in a glorious symphony.

I walk gently along this riverbank, listening to nature’s song, and gathering tales for future stories. Here, the world is very much awake.