The Future is Round

One of the highlights of 2017 was having the opportunity to try out ‘glamping’. I was on my way to the Weleda Open Day in Derbyshire with Fen and we needed somewhere to stay. Through a curious string of synchronicity, I discovered Nether Farm near Ashbourne and they happened to have one of their three glamping roundhouses available. I always take special note of synchronicity and booked immediately. It felt like it was meant to be.

Before the visit, I viewed the photos of the roundhouse, which suggested that we were in for a luxurious glamping experience. This would be very different to days long ago, where a type of glamping involved spending a summer night with friends in a hay-barn or family caravan holidays in the Norfolk Broads.

Upon arrival, Nether Farm’s Pam Brown greeted us and showed us to ‘the round’. I had that fluttery excited feeling that comes with being in a space that is rather special. It felt as though this roundhouse had been built with a lot of love, care and attention to detail. And it truly was luxurious with all mod-cons, beautifully designed and furnished, and had everything we could possibly need.

Sensitively crafted and positioned, the roundhouse offered views of the quiet rolling green of the Henmore Brook countryside. With plenty of natural light in the roundhouse and a spectacular circular window in the dome for star-gazing, I felt close to nature while being in complete comfort.

During our brief stay at Nether Farm, it occurred to me that I could easily live in a roundhouse such as this. It’s surprisingly spacious and has all the comforts of home. It’s built with ecology and sustainability in mind, and has a special energy. It feels like a pure space, a healthy one, and certainly good for well-being. Why can’t we have roundhouses for our homes?

A few months on, and I have been fortunate to connect with the wonderful Gemma Roe of Rotunda Roundhouses, the Spatial Designer who is at the heart of these stunning roundhouses – at Nether Farm and in many other locations on these fair lands and overseas.

I recently interviewed Gemma for and discovered her inspiring vision for the future of natural and sustainable housing and community. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the option of being able to live in a space such as this.

My wish to live in a roundhouse appears to be something I share with my maternal granddad. Apparently, he had always wanted to live in a lighthouse or windmill. Perhaps he knew a thing or two about the special qualities of the round.

If you have the opportunity, book a break at Nether Farm to experience the roundhouse for yourself. Maybe you’ll become a roundie enthusiast, too.


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    1. There’s nothing quite like a roundhouse and these are just so beautifully crafted. I love them. Good to hear from you, Alice. Thanks for your lovely comments. Bright wishes 🙂 ♡


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