The Sentience of Light

I’ve been playing in the light, bathing in rainbow rays that seem so much more intense these days.


Kestrel, Crow, Buzzard and Lapwing have kept me company along with the first of the season’s butterflies. Both sun and moon have occupied the afternoon’s gentle blue, and all of life’s magic manifests in the stillness of being. Springtime is on her way, here in this little corner garden of planet earth, and nature knows this. ‘Tis a time for new beginnings.

There is something dream-like about my walks and travels of late. I feel like I’m moving without moving, noticing the transience of the moment.


I’m constantly reminded that I’m just a visitor here – as are we all.


Such a reminder is a gift… a message to enjoy this physical journey, as our visit is so sweetly short.


Breathe in bliss. Capture a moment.

What is more beautiful than being present in the light, surrounded by nature?